The Best of Michael and Annie’s Most Excellent Adventure

75 days.

31 flights.

13 countries.

9 different airlines.

2 great friends who joined in the fun (Melissa, Africa – Jackie, SE Asia)

27 hotels.

1 back alley acupuncture visit.

1 lost (and, thankfully retrieved) iPad.

60ish liters of wine (but, who’s counting?)

150 malaria pills.

21 tubes of Nicorette Mini lozenges.

2 pickpocket attempts (averted)

1 re-route due a terrorist attack.

1 re-route due to a typhoon.

And, 2 very thankful travelers – Annie & Michael

 Please know that we are grateful for every last bit of this adventure.  And, because we like to give out awards…

 Best Breakfast – The Residence (Johannesburg, South Africa)

 Best Lunch – Como Agua Para Chocolate (Santiago, Chile)

 Best Dinner – Le Trois Gourmands (Saigon, Vietnam) – Michael

                         Bistro du Monde (Melbourne, Australia) – Annie

 Best Budget Meal – Domino hot dogs at the mall (Santiago, Chile)

 Best Day – Adventure Day in Rotorua, New Zealand – Annie

                   Scuba Diving in Cairns, Australia – Michael

Best Food We’d Never Had Before – Warthog in South Africa (Michael);  Kow Soi in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Annie)

Favorite Destination – Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Kruger National Park,                                                                     South Africa – Annie; Bangkok, Thailand - Michael

Favorite Bar – Naked for Satan (Melbourne, Australia)

Favorite Hotel (tie) – The Residence (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Maya Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

Best Customer Service Experience – Abbey Manor Guest House (Cape Town, South Africa) Judy, thank you for saving our trip by taking Annie to see your personal physician.  We are forever in your debt.

Best Vistas – Andes Lake Crossing (Chile to Argentina), but had we’d been able to see more of Queenstown, New Zealand we feel like that might have gotten the #1 spot.

 Best Surprise – Luang Prabang, Laos – Annie; Siem Reap, Cambodia – Michael

…and, the gift basket from Stephanie in Melbourne!!  That was an awesome surprise. Thank you, Steph!

Biggest “Ah-Ha” moment – Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam – no words.

Places We Can’t Wait to Go Back To – Thailand (Michael); New Zealand (Annie); Brazil (Both)

 We could never have pulled this trip together without the incredible help of Beth Jenkins from McCabe World Travel.  Thank you, Beth! 

Many thanks to Charlie for watching our house and cats.  And, to Melissa V. for making sure we didn’t come back to complete financial ruin.

We also want to thank Annie’s dad for tracking our every move while we were out here.  And, to all of you for reading our blog.  It sincerely meant a lot to us.

Until our next adventure…with love and thanks, Annie & Michael 

A & M Santiago 2.JPG