Czech, Please!

We’ve met up with John and Pat!

Although we’ve only been here for two days, all four of us are already wishing that we could stay for more time than we have planned. But that’s the point of these trips.  See enough that you either want to check the box (i.e. “been there, done that”) or go back and spend more time.  Prague is definitely in the “go back” category. 

Prague is hands-down the most picturesque city in the world (our humble opinion). It’s a great time to be here because of the Christmas markets, but also because there are so few tourists are around.  You can stand (like we did yesterday) inside of St. Nicholas Church and feel like you have it all to yourself.  There is no way that’s happening in June.

Speaking of St. Nicholas Church (no Evan, it wasn’t built for Santa) – it’s truly astonishing.  This picture doesn’t do justice to its size and scale. 

Also at St. Nicholas…Our Lady of Foy is one of the most important religious artifacts in Prague.  She’s made from the wood of the oak that the statue of the Blessed Virgin was found in 1609.  So, though Our Lady of Foy is small, her powers are said to be mighty.  (She is the tiny statue inside the gold background at the top of the pic below).  From the signage, “The statue was, and is still, deeply venerated by the Faithful and many wonders are attributed to it (her) which were obtained by their prayers before it (her).”  Bottom-line, I said a prayer for all of us and asked for peace on earth.  It can’t hurt, right?

Then, it was off to Prague Castle.  A little “Castle 101” – archaeological finds indicate there has been a castle on the site since the 9th century.  Between then and now (today, the Castle serves as the official residency of the Czech President) – it has been at the center of political and religious authority.  Below are pics of St. Vitus Cathedral, a medieval suit of armor and some scary weapons.  We spent almost two full days touring the castle and its surrounding museums, etc…when you come to Prague, definitely plan for at least one full day here.

During our short time here, we’ve also managed to have dinner at two of the top restaurants in this fine city.  We’ve learned to love Czech wine, too.  Who knew?  But, they don’t export any of it and we understand why.  It’s just one more reason to come back.

If anybody is wondering what to get us for Christmas…a thirty-day juice cleanse is a brilliant idea.