The Hungary Games (Part I)

Budapest, Hungary.  I read a brief history of the country during our short plane ride here and this place has seen it all.  Uprisings, battles, atrocities, horrors of war, political strife.  We half expected to see burned out buildings littered throughout the City.  But, thankfully, that’s not case. In spite of its devastating history, a lot of Budapest’s most important structures remain standing and are now protected by UNESCO. 

 Michael, John and Pat spent day one at The Hungarian National Gallery.  These museum mavericks said that the collection is “impressive.” 

On day two, we explored Matthias Church.  Art nouveau inside (the background pic is from one of the church walls) and incredible views outside… 

…and The Hungarian National Museum where we all learned even more about the very real “Hungary Games.”

When we aren’t touring, we’re eating.  Great Hungarian street food at the Nagyesarnok market, holiday treats from the Christmas markets and two incredible meals at Costes and Onyx.  Hungary also makes fantastic wines (again, who knew?) and like its Czech counterpart, does not export.  So, we’re doing our part to drink as much as we can while we’re here.  You’re welcome, Hungary.