The Hungary Games (Part II)

The Gellert Baths, a tour of Parliament in Spanish (long story) and The Nutcracker at The Hungarian State Opera House.  Our final day in Hungary had a little something for everyone.

 We didn’t take pictures at the baths, but it’s worth Googling.  And, if you ever come to Budapest do not miss a trip to the baths.  There are several around the City and it’s a way of life here – but, we did feel a little bit like we were extras in a Fellini film.

 Next stop, Parliament.  This is one of the most important historic buildings in Hungary and is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  It’s also the largest building in the country.  Good to note: the tour tickets are hard to come by and the tour only lasts for :45 minutes.  So, unless you are a huge fan of touring historic buildings, I’d save your Forint (Hungarian money) for something else.  However, seeing the exterior is worth the stop. 

Seeing the Opera House was also a real treat.  And, it’s only five days until Christmas so watching the Nutcracker was the perfect way to kick-off this holiday week.

We’re now on the train to Vienna and I think it’s a good time to mention how much we have learned traveling with John and Pat.  Most important, 1) always travel with food and Ziploc bags and 2) there is no leftover too small to take away with you from any meal.  And, as much as I made fun of this during the first few days of our trip, when Pat laid out this huge spread on the train, I was in awe. She had my half-eaten chocolate from a shop near Matthias Church, bread and petit fours from Onyx, butter from New York (yes, she traveled with butter), fruit from I’m not sure where, a bottle of sparkling wine (perfectly chilled) from duty free in Prague and “stolen” crackers from the breakfast buffet this morning at our hotel (ok, I admit – I took those).  To round this out, she had bought some croissants and pate.  I’d like to also add that it’s only 10:00 AM.  Life is short, people.  And, we are very grateful.