A Perfect F(i)renzy

Firenze (get it?).  And, it is pretty darn perfect thanks to our friend, Meryl, who has joined us here.  She’s an outstanding Executive Producer and loves this city, so the combination has truly benefited our trio. She has planned a frenzy of activities this week for us and it’s been a blast.

In just three and a half short days, we’ve toured The Vasarian Corridor, The The Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine, Dante’s House/Museum, The Duomo and The Duomo Museum; taken a pizza making class; shopped, shopped, shopped.  Oh yeah, and eaten so many incredible meals that I’m losing track of the restaurant names (first world problem, I know…) Basically, this has been history, art, shop, eat, repeat and there are three more days to go.  It’s good I bought some elastic waist pants.

All of it has been memorable, but here are some of the “Best Of Florence” pics so far.  These are from a photo series I’m calling “Michael and Meryl – Documenting The Lost.”  I’m enjoying just taking pictures and letting these two figure everything out.

These are from our tour stops. (Pattie & Tim, it’s easy to understand why you both love Italy so much…what’s not to love?)

And, a few from today’s pizza making class. 

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  Happy New Year, everyone!  Or as they say here in Italy, “Buon Anno”.  Sending peace and love from Florence.